Art Unknown


The students and the teachers of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences game education noticed the huge amount of game graphics made at the school but felt it was a shame that most of it never saw the daylight. They wanted to bring out the skills and dedication they had and that's how the idea of an artbook made by the students themselves came out.

The outcome is an outstanding, almost 200 pages long work filled with graphics each one of them finer than the other. You can find the most imaginative characters from flying cows and rocket riding guinea pigs to monstrous mechs and cute anime fairies. You also get an insider's look to the game industry from some of the leading experts and tips and tricks for those who want to break into the mobile game industry.

All in all the book shows how versatile the designers in the industry are but also how they all are united by the dedication and enthusiasm to the world of games.

Sneak peek

"Art Unknown was compiled from the massive amount of beautiful art created by the game development artists of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and game companies. These magnificent graphics were crafted for some of the dozens and dozens of game projects made by the artists and their affiliates, sometimes as part of their studies, sometimes simply for fun and sometimes – with enough ambition – to make their game into a commercial success. The games were done in fullfledged production teams of about four to eight people, each with their own mix of game designers, graphics artists and programmers. Many of the games have been released to public marketplaces, such as the Windows Phone Marketplace or the App Store.

Compiling this book has been an interesting experience. We’ve seen a guinea pig riding a rocket, David Hasselhoff’s chest hair as a demonic monster and flocks of fl ying cows. These are just a few examples of the work our dedicated students have been able to accomplish. It is a constant struggle for time, trying to manage your studies and doing project work at the same time, so it’s all the more impressive that we are able to share these images with you. You see, in game development, some projects live on and others are simply discarded and slowly buried under new projects too numerous to count. Therefore, we are pleased to have been given the chance to collect all these works here in this art book."

- Marita Paldanius, Aki Savolainen and Marko Keronen

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