NGS 2014 will be held in Kajaani 25th-26th September 2014 - Ticket Sales is OPEN!

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We have gathered feedback and conducted post NGS2013 surveys and we have found out that the event was a success. Everyone was talking about it before, while and after it happened.

And still people seem to be talking about it and anticipating the next one! We can only humble ourselves and thank you for being in this with us! Thank you all!

Most people would agree that after all guru talk, business meetings, pitching competitions and evening relax an event is only as good as the impression that it leaves. So now, how can we top it up and make this year´s event even bigger and better? We are already busy at building NGS2014, but we still have space for new ideas, please let us hear from you! And yes, we are looking for sponsors, mind blowing speakers and voluntary workers - please contact us!
Northern Game Summit 2014 is once again going to gather the top names of the game industry to Kajaani, Finland.
The ´NGS´ consists of a 2-day conference with fantastic speakers, as well as an evening party. It provides an easygoing environment for game makers to mingle, meet and exchange ideas. Our goal is to encourage mutual networking between the Novices and the Masters of the game development trade.
Creating new contacts, communicating new ideas, hearing the pros talk about current and upcoming trends - our attendants will have two full days worth of brain activity in front of them.

To stay up to date on news check out our Facebook page and #NGS_2014.

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