Professional game developers are trained in the Business Information Technology degree programme. This bachelor's degree consists of 210 credits and takes 3,5 years to complete.

The main objective of the game development studies is to develop and hone special skills in game development. When you study game development in Kajaani UAS, you learn the skills and competences necessary to become an expert in a game development team and a professional in game or software development, -training, -designing and -production.

There are 40 spots in the Business Information Technology programme. The first Autumn semester is made up of shared studies (basic IT studies, communications studies and entrepreneurship studies among others). After the first Autumn semester, 24 students are chosen to major in game development based on their skills, motivation and academic success.

Students majoring in game development will choose to specialize in one of the following: Game Programming, Game Graphics or Game Designing and Production.

It is also possible to specialize in Game Sound Production. These studies will be arranged in co-operation with Skövde University in Sweden and students who choose this specialization will spend their second academic year in Skövde.

The second year of this programme is taught completely in English, making it the ideal year for foreign exchange students interested in studying game development in Finland. For more information on exchange options, please contact Mr. Veli-Pekka Piirainen.

Find out the detailed course structure from Kajak Game Development Lab´s website.

Structure of Studies


You can now study to become a game development professional by taking the Degree Programme in Information Technology! This degree programme consists of 240 credits and takes 4 years to complete.

In game technology studies, you specialize in software engineering and focus on 3D real time graphic-, game engine- and embedded systems programming. Studies are mainly project studies. In project studies, you get to work on game projects related to business life or to your own interests. A lot of the project studies are done in co-operation with game development students, and you will have access to the school's top of the range laboratory environments and equipment.

There are 40 spots in the degree programme in Information Technology. After the first Autumn semester about 20 students major in vehicle information systems and about 20 are chosen to major in game technology based on their skills and educational success.

Information Technology studies prepares you to succeed in varying engineering, researching and product development professions. Game Technology professionals can go on to serve in game development or industrial companies in many positions, such as engineers and programmers, or become independent entrepreneurs.

The Information Technology degree programme is taught in Finnish only. Find out the detailed course structure from Kajak Game Development Lab´s website.

Structure of Studies

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