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Kristina Rothe

For more than 20 years, video gaming, team organization and computer science have played a major part in Kristina Rothe’s life. Consequently, the former Square Enix and Travian employee who now works as Game Development Evangelist at Microsoft Germany, has a distinct background in games as well as project & team management and IT.

Kristina started her career in the games industry as a freelance writer for the popular German online magazine Gameswelt. Eager to become more deeply involved in the actual game development process, she then moved on to join Square Enix Ldt. as Project Coordinator and Travian Games GmbH as Senior Project Lead on the multi-award-winning browser game Remanum. In addition, she also played a key role in building up the Munich, Germany-based company’s mobile development team.

Having been an avid believer in quality, variety and rich cross-platform experiences for many years, she ultimately left Travian in late 2012 in order to take over the position of Game Development Evangelist at Microsoft Germany. In that capacity, she now aids ambitious hobbyists and aspiring development teams alike in bringing new and innovative gaming experiences to Microsoft’s various gaming platforms, such as Windows Phone 8 and Windows Azure.


Peter Vesterbacka

CMO and the "Mighty Eagle" of Rovio Mobile Ltd.

A guy bent on changing the world Peter drives one of the most famous Finnish gaming company's marketing and brand strategy, taking Angry Birds to new and unexpected places.


Edgars Strods

Head of Developer Relations at Game Insight

Currently holds position of Head of Developer Relations in Game Insight Publishing team, directly working with developers from Europe, distributing and pushing their games to top spots on the App Store and Google Play.
Prior to Game Insight, Edgars served as Head of Games department at Odnoklassniki, where he was responsible for almost everything about games and partnerships all across the globe. Under direct management one of the fast-growing segments within company transformed it to most successful gaming platform in Eastern European market.


Allan McKay

Award winning VFX Supervisor/Director

Allan McKay has been working for almost 20 years in Visual Effects, both as a Visual Effects Supervisor and Technical Director on Hollywood feature films.
He works all over the world for many studios including Industrial Light + Magic, Blur Studio, Frantic Films, Pixomondo, Ubisoft amongst dozens of others, on many Hollywood blockbusters including Star Trek 2, Superman Returns, 2012, The Last Airbender, Daybreakers, Transformers 3, more recently Looper and Robert Zemeckis’ new film ‘Flight’. As well as plenty of cool fun projects such as game cinematics and video games such as 'Team Fortress 2', Activision’s recent game ‘Prototype’, Bungie’s upcoming ‘Destiny’ and various high profile projects. Allan works closely with Autodesk in both presenting and contributing to their products Maya and 3D Studio Max in addition to holding workshops and master classes at events all over the world.


Samuli Snellman

Lead Artist at Wooga

Samuli Snellman is an art director with ten years of experience in the games industry. A veteran of the Finnish game startup scene, he was a core team member of Frozenbyte and Rocket Pack (which was later sold to Disney Interactive). As an art director, he has set the visual style for games like Trine and the IGF Grand prize winner, Crayon Physics Deluxe. Recently, Samuli has worked as Senior Artist at Crytek GmbH (Frankfurt), and he’s currently Lead Artist at Wooga (Berlin), guiding the art team while creating the look and feel for world class social and casual games.


Joonas Utti

Creative Director at Gigglebug Entertainment

Joonas Utti is an animation craftsman. He’s constantly developing his skills, combining traditional techniques with modern ways of thinking. Utti’s work typically contains plenty of physical comedy and visual storytelling.
He has been involved with animated feature films, including Niko and the Way to the Stars and Niko 2 – Little Brother, Big Trouble. Utti’s flair for character design has even caught the eye of Disney UK.
Currently, Joonas is writing and directing his first animation series for YLE. The children’s show Gigglebug (10x4min) will be completed in December 2012.


Christian Thurau

Co-founder and CTO at GameAnalytics, Ph.D.

+10 years in experience and Ph.D. in data mining and machine learning, considerable experience in pattern recognition and game data analysis, Christian is now leading the technical and scientific team of Game Analytics.


Aki Järvinen

Product Lead at Grand Cru, Ph.D.

Remember a guy who's work experience consists of a mix of game & concept design, agile software development, and academic research and teaching? Who has senior management experience both in terms of people and products?
That's Aki. Executive Producer, ex-Digital Chocolate, sporting a Ph.D. on game design research.


Melanie Fuhrer

Director of Business Development at AddApptr

Melanie Fuhrer is a games veteran and mobile evangelist developing the industry with passion since 2006. In her position as Director of Business Development at AddApptr her goal is to help developers and publishers by showing them new opportunities to monetize their apps via advertising.


Charles Palmer

Software Engineer at CCP

Gameplay Engineer with over eight years professional experience working on both large and small projects. Charles has a strong interest in using prototyping as a means to game creation and how this fits into the development process.


Ville Heijari

General Manager of Europe at PlayHaven

Ville Heijari is the General Manager of Europe at PlayHaven, the leading lifetime value (LTV) maximization platform for mobile games. Heijari oversees PlayHaven’s international growth in Europe and the needs of local mobile developers.
Ville has more than 12 years of experience in the mobile industry. Prior to PlayHaven, Ville was SVP Marketing and member of the management team at Rovio, where he led the creation of a global marketing and brand platform, while the company went through a rapid growth period with the Angry Birds franchise.
Before Rovio, Ville held several positions in international companies, working with marketing, user experience and mobile applications and devices within the Finnish mobile industry.


Joonas Turner

Audio-engineer at E-studio

A video game sound designer most notably known for bringing the forest of BADLAND alive!
You really want to hear this guy, believe us.


Pascal Luban

Game Design Consultant

Pascal Luban is a freelance creative director and game designer based in France. He has been working in the game industry as game or level designer since 1995 and has been commissioned by major studios and publishers including Activision, SCEE, Ubisoft and DICE.


Ulf Wilhelmsson

University of Skövde

Ulf Wilhelmsson holds a Ph.D from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and is currently senior lecturer and department chair of Media, Aesthetics and Narration at the school of humanities and informatics at the University of Skövde, Sweden at which he is also a member of the Media, Technology and Culture (MTEC) research group.
His research interests lies primarily within computer game studies and integrate film theory, cognitive theory and theories concerned with the audiovisual construction of space and narratives.


Biometric Testing Project Pelitys


Niina Karvinen and Petri Ruuskanen will be presenting on behalf of the Game Testing Services Development Project at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences called 'Pelitys' for short. The research of project Pelitys concentrates on utilizing variety of psycho-physiological measurements and eye movement monitoring together with 'traditional' testing methods, as well as knowledge and skills to create and commercialize testing services.

Antti Seppänen


Antti Seppänen is the lead game designer and CEO of Boogie Games. Antti has always been a storyteller, and the medium of games has been his weapon of choice. He graduated from KUAS at 2013. Convinced that games are the best way to relay a story, his speech is definitely either controversial or inspirational.


Jukka Jurvansuu

CEO at Citius Group Ltd

Jukka is owner and CEO of Citius Group Ltd. He has been working in IT/software industry for 26 years. Jukka started his "career" at the age of 14 by hacking VIC 20 game modules and selling modified memory modules.


Hegle Sarapuu

Partner, Chief Experience Officer at Trinidad Consulting

Hegle is a consultant and a teacher of user experience methodology, accessibility and interaction design. She is one of the first UX specialists in Estonia and a co-founder of Trinidad Consulting. Hegle is a member of The Usability Professionals' Association and gives lectures at The University of Tartu and The Estonian Academy of Arts.


Anttu Harlin

CEO at Gigglebug Entertainment

Anttu loves heartfelt stuff that’s got an offbeat twist. In 2007 he co-founded Anima Boutique, where he has produced around 100 audiovisual projects spanning commercials, music videos, short film, apps and broadcast TV series.
In 2013, Anttu co-founded Gigglebug Entertainment to focus on pre-school apps and animation. Gigglebug is currently taking over the App Store and kids TV in Finland.


Edvin Aedma

Commercial Game Design lecturer at the University of Tartu

Besides the University, Edvin works as a producer, game designer & story writer on several Estonian indie game projects, including the first Estonian game on Steam, the Teleglitch.
In addition, he researches and professionally consults on several relevant topics such as gamification and monetization psychology along with marketing..


Jay Ranki

Executive / Senior Producer in AAA console game space

Jay is an experienced game producer and project leader with 10 years of experience in management/leadership roles within games development. He has a track record of shipping quality games on time and on budget.
The list of companies he's worked for is impressive: an Electronic Arts studio Ghost Games, Remedy, Bugbear and Digital Chocolate to name a few. The games he has worked on include Need for Speed Rivals, Quantum Brake, Flatout Ultimate Carnage and Alan Wake.


Kim Lahti

Production Director at RedLynx

Kim has a good grasp of how things work in gaming industry. He has been with RedLynx since the early times as a producer and now when RedLynx is an Ubisoft owned studio he continues to give his input to the industry.


Toni Fingerroos

CEO & Owner at Fingersoft Ltd

Toni has been interested in game programming since he turned 10 years old. His history includes serious game and software development for multiple platforms.
Recently Toni has been investing time into understanding mobile apps & games market. He is interested in creating a mobile business that is fun to work in and creates enjoyable applications and games for end users. One of his applications you know for sure - Hill Climb Racing.


Petri Wilhelmsen

Petri works as a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Norway and have many years of developer experience. He is also the owner of Wilhelmsen Studios and have released two games for Windows. Petri used to be an MVP in DirectX and XNA before joining Microsoft, and is really passionate about graphics programming and visual synthesization.


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