Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

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Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

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Producer/Managing director
Jari Kähkönen


Ketunpolku 3
87101 Kajaani


GAME DEVELOPMENT STUDIES (Business Information Technology Programme)

The main objective of the game development studies is to develop and hone special skills in game development. When studying game development in Kajaani UAS, students learn the skills and competences necessary to become an expert in a game development team and a professional in game or software development, -training, -designing and -production.

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GAME TECHNOLOGY (Information Technology Programme)

In game technology studies, students specialize in software engineering and focus on 3D real time graphic-, game engine- and embedded systems programming. Studies are mainly project studies. In project studies, students get to work on game projects related to business life or to their own interests. A lot of the project studies are done in co-operation with game development students, and with an access to the school's top of the range laboratory environments and equipment.

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