Kind of a Big Deal

Game development team consisting of students from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and Abertay University. Kimi, Minttu, Petri and Vili are winners of BAFTA "Ones to Watch" award 2013 and the Dare to be Digital 2012 game development competition with their game Starcrossed.

Former members Taneli and Sofi have helped with further development of Starcrossed, and Julius assisted the team in publishing Starcrossed trough Kajak Games. Currently team consists of Kimi, Vili and Taneli.

Company/Team name:
Kind of a Big Deal

Corporate form:
Game development team

Producer/Managing director
Kimi Sulopuisto


Ketunpolku 3 PL 52
87101 Kajaani


Kimi Sulopuisto
Team lead, Game designer

Vili Viitaniemi
Sound design / music

Minttu Meriläinen
Graphic Artist

Sofi Kurtti
Graphic Artist

Petri Liuska

Taneli Vatanen

Julius Fondem
LNO (Kajak Games and Kind Of A Big Deal)

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Starcrossed is a whimsical 2D platformer game where you guide a crash-landed astronaut back to his home planet, using a rocket launcher to send him flying through space from one asteroid to another. Gravity plays a pivotal role as it will affect the astronaut's movement. Temperature is also important: be careful not to expose the astronaut to the burning heat of the sun or the freezing conditions of outer space for too long!

Company:Kind of a Big Deal, Kajak Games Osk
Platform:Android, Windows Phone

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