Intotalo Oy

Intotalo Ltd. is a company focusing on strenghtening people in business and workplaces. Intotalo brands are Yrittäjä (entrepreneur coaching and business development for StartUps and SME´s) and Corendo (coaching better culture in workplaces and creating new culture of leadership, learning together and acchieving better results in companies).

Company/Team name:
Intotalo Oy

Corporate form:

Producer/Managing director
Ollis Leppänen


Kauppakatu 7
87100 Kajaani


Ollis Leppänen

Nikoteemu Väänänen
Technical producer

Pavel Kauhanen

Jari Junkkari
Marketing & sales

Lauri Huusko

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Sales Game

Whether You're in the business of selling goods or services, selling to b2b or working in a call center, Sales Game brings fun and new motivation in your daily sales routines. Sales Game is a tool to help you achieve your sales results better and more inspiring way. You don't need a complicated CRM. Collect sales points on each sales activity and share your top results with co-workers or sales colleagues. And see your sales results up to date! Game is developed by experienced business developers and sales managers at Intotalo Ltd.

Company:Intotalo OY

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