Afterlife Entertainment

Afterlife Entertainment is a small indie game group from Finland. We do games with passion and aspire to elevate the gaming experience on iOS.

Company/Team name:
Afterlife Entertainment

Corporate form:

Producer/Managing director
Antti Seppänen


Innova, PL 52, Ketunpolku 3
87101 Kajaani


Antti Seppänen
CEO, Storyteller

Tomi Hietala
Co-founder, Programmer

Matti Kemppainen
Co-founder, Graphic artist

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Take the role of Ninja on a path to vengeance. Somewhere in the great city lies a fabled Demonblade. The exact resting place of the sword is unknown, but three triads each hold a map piece to reveal its location. Do the triads´ dirty work and claim the maps one by one... Then, you may rise to vanquish an ancient demon responsible for the deaths of your kin. FEATURES: - 20 action-packed, tactical stealth-missions - Sneak, steal, knock out guards & disappear to the shadows again - Explore the city´s underworld and its inhabitants - Experience a thrilling storyline - Immerse into the atmosphere of the medieval Japan

Company:Afterlife Entertainment

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Money Flow Challenge

MoneyFlow Challenge is an educational game aimed for youth between the ages of 15 to 20. MoneyFlow Challenge offers a whole new and exciting way to learn through trial and exploration, all the while learning to manage one´s personal finances. Playing through the 5 levels of the game teach you everything you need to know about balancing between your income and expenses, saving money, using loans as leverage, investing in funds and real estate, and most importantly upholding your quality of life and achieving financial self-suffiency. Money Flow Challenge was made in co-operation with RealMatch Invest Oy and Finnish National Board of Education.

Company:Afterlife Entertainment
Platform:iOS, Android

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Nanotris is a local multiplayer arcade-shooter for 2 to 4 players. Each player races to gather small magnetic cubes to create a makeshift armor for their ship´s core. But beware, there´s only a short time before blaster beams start flying, huge critters charge towards you, special & bizarre weapon power-up begin spawning and the last man standing gloats in glory. All-in-all, Nanotris is the best kind of fun you can have with your friends. Nanotris is also suitable for all ages. DISCLAIMER: Afeterlife Entertainment is not responsible for any loss of friendship over a game of Nanotris. Nanotris features 11 neon-hazed battle arenas and features an original soundtrack by Aitokaiku ( ).

Company:Afterlife Entertainment

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