Whack ┬┤em Earthling!

Company / Team:
BIND, Kajak Games Osk

Windows Phone

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Place yourself in the middle of adverse aliens coming right at you and defend yourself by hurling them into hungry vortexes in this chaotic combination of tower defense and reaction game. Use dexterous, subtle movements or sheer force in order to survive! Score points, gather antimatter, get upgrades and become a master beamwielder! Submit your scores and show the world how to hurl!

- Extremely addictive gameplay with countless hours of gameplay
- Dozen of different enemies
- Mysterious, minimalistic and otherworldly visuals
- Keep up combos and score huge points
- Use antimatter to upgrade vortexes and lay even more waste
- Global leaderboards to challenge your friends
- Constant updates from a team that listens

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Whack ┬┤em Earthling!

Whack 'em Earthling! is a chaotic combination of tower defence and reaction game for Windows Phone 7.

Company:BIND, Kajak Games Osk
Platform:Windows Phone

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