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Bind is a lovely bunch of enthusiast game developers residing in Kajaani, Finland.

We bring together strong talent, character and passion for games. We strive to create great gaming experiences regardless of the genre or the platform.

We take pride in our brave, in-house development endeavors and want to tag our fans and partners along. Above all else Bind is about transparency, quality and originality.

We aim to bring game development closer to gamers and look after our community with care.

Games that are made together with a humble attitude, good aim and burning passion are the ones that last.

Company/Team name:

Corporate form:

Producer/Managing director
Janne Mustonen


Ketunpolku 3, 87100 Kajaani


Janne Mustonen
Team lead

Jussi Lukkarinen
Creative Director & Tech Lead

Petri Liuska
Game Programmer

Antti Kaisamatti
Game Programmer

Minttu Meriläinen
2D Graphics Artist

Henri Koski
3D Graphics Artist & Animator

Aku Mähönen
Game Designer

Sofi Kurtti
Graphics Artist

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Whack ´em Earthling!

Place yourself in the middle of adverse aliens coming right at you and defend yourself by hurling them into hungry vortexes in this chaotic combination of tower defense and reaction game. Use dexterous, subtle movements or sheer force in order to survive! Score points, gather antimatter, get upgrades and become a master beamwielder! Submit your scores and show the world how to hurl! Featuring: - Extremely addictive gameplay with countless hours of gameplay - Dozen of different enemies - Mysterious, minimalistic and otherworldly visuals - Keep up combos and score huge points - Use antimatter to upgrade vortexes and lay even more waste - Global leaderboards to challenge your friends - Constant updates from a team that listens

Company:BIND, Kajak Games Osk
Platform:Windows Phone

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Planet Cube

Planet Cube is a turn-based, 3D-strategy game for the PC-platform. Maps of the game will be wrapped around a cube that acts as planetary body. Cube's edges will act as barriers for sight, fire and movement thus introducing new kind of strategic element to traditional gameplay. Game introduces two races, organic and advanced, and players can choose one that suits best their playing style. Both races have different kind of units and thus need different kind of strategies to win.


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Galactic Hero Agency: Mind Matters

Galactic Hero Agency: Mind Matters is an action game in which you, as a hero of the Agency, must save the galaxy from a looming threat. The Galactic Hero Agency is contacted by a paranoid scientist. He speaks of a troubling observation: Intellectuals of the galaxy have started to go missing. The scientist believes that something is terribly wrong and the galaxy is in a need of a hero! Blast your way through the hostile space on a quest to solve the mystery of missing intellectuals. After all, mind does matter.

Platform:PC, Consoles

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