20ft Seagull

Existing in frozen tundra of Kajaani, Finland, 20ft Seagull is a team consisting of game development students from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, aiming to create games that challenge the player to the limit while still being fair.

Company/Team name:
20ft Seagull

Corporate form:
Game development team

Producer/Managing director
Eirik Manne


Ketunpolku 3 PL 52 87101 Kajaani



Eirik Manne
Producer, Designer

Saska Liiman
Programmer, Designer

Jere Lappalainen

Eero Niini

Juuso Litja

Caroliina Ahjoniemi

Jussi Jalaskoski

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Demon Peak

Explore a mountain where only chosen few enter, and even fewer return from. Hone your combat skills, gain new powers, slay anything that stands in your way, and uncover the mysteries of the Demon Peak! Demon Peak is a 2D Action-Platformer with elements from old school Metroidvanias aiming for fluid combat mechanics. Currently we have a fully playable beta available at itch.io, featuring one area to explore including two Power-ups, two enemies, and a boss. Our future plans include adding more areas, enemies, Power-ups and expanding the combat to truly achieve the feel we are after. Features: In-depth combat mechanics Handful of areas to explore and fight through Plenty of bosses to find and conquer No mercy given, no mercy expected. Old-School Pixel Art Controller & Keyboard support

Company:Kajak Games Osk, 20ft Seagull

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