Team Albrosia

Based in Kajaani, Finland, Team Albrosia is a game development team by a group of young and enthusiastic game developer students creating unique and innovative experiences.

Company/Team name:
Team Albrosia

Corporate form:
Game development team

Producer/Managing director
Santeri Arpo


Ketunpolku 3 PL 52
87101 Kajaani


Santeri Arpo
Team Leader, Producer

Eero Manner

Jesse Taikina-aho
Lead artist

Jarkko Jämsä
Character artist

Outi Ohra-aho
Environment Artist

Janne Laine
Lead Programmer

Juho Ylisiurua

David Abbott
Sound designer, Programmer

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Titan Paw

Titan Paw is an action-platformer developed for PS4. The peace has been disturbed by evil General Zol, who has come from distant future to dominate the world of Albrosia. You must navigate through the technology filled fantasy castle using their abilities to solve puzzles and overcome the fierce enemies.

Company:Kajak Games Osk, Team Albrosia

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