Kajaani Game Studios Oy

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Kajaani Game Studios Oy

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Jari Haverinen


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87830 Nakertaja



Kati Haverinen

Jari Haverinen

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Jungle Race

Jungle Race is an alternative way to play outdoor sports, introducing the new fun way to jog. Jungle Race works on smartphone systems such as iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. The player sees imaginary fruits on a "real world" map application and he needs to collect them by going to those locations. But it is not that simple... These fruits move! One game takes about half an hour to complete, causing the player to expend the minimum effort that each of us should perform every day. And now it´s possible to do in a very fun way. Public rankings show who the best players each week are, encouraging players to come back to play every week.

Company:Kajaani Game Studios Oy
Platform:iOS, Android, Windows Phone

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