Immobile Games

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Immobile Games

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Producer/Managing director
Olli Lahtinen


Lönnrotinkatu 5B 87100 Kajaani


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Hopping Penguin

Penguins’ ice cream machine has been stolen! Hop through dangerous lands and follow a trail of ice creams to catch the thief and reclaim the treasure. Hopping Penguin is a cheerful free-to-play platformer with intuitive one touch-controls. The gameplay is simple yet exciting. The game features enemies, power ups, hidden treasures and achievements. The experience is a unique combination of challenging platforming sequences and exploration. Whether you are new to the genre or a seasoned veteran, you are guaranteed to have loads of fun. Download now and begin your ice cream filled adventure!

Company:Immobile Games
Platform:iOS, Android ja Windows Phone

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SkidStorm is an old school top-down racing game full of high octane arcade action. It offers slick physics, action packed gameplay, synchronous multiplayer and much more! SkidStorm combines short session length and a satisfying driving model in an easily digestible format, while its’ sharp controls and hectic gameplay make up a perfect competitive experience. SkidStorms gameplay and visuals are inspired by classical 80’s and 90’s racing games such as Micro Machines. Features: • Synchronous multiplayer • Rank based matchmaking & custom lobby system • 10+ upgradeable cars • Single player mode with a tough AI • Time trial mode, player ghosts & leaderboards

Company:Immobile Games

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