The Bootcamp is a Startup coaching program of Intotalo Ltd. aimed for game industry professionals and for those interested in entering the industry with direct business coaching. If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, or just want general expertise from the field, Bootcamp is a great opportunity to develop your know-how and knowledge. Roughly 96 people from different industries, professions, and expertise have taken part in similar Startup coach programs of Intotalo. The previous participants have founded already 27 successful companies.

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In the Bootcamp coaching program you will:

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The Bootcamp coaching program has been developed for Finnish labor market as adult education and therefore it is free for all participants. The coaching program is meant for job applicants of the game industry, those taking part in other occupational educations, those who are interested in improving their business know how of the the game industry, and to game industry entrepreneurs. The coaching program has been developed in cooperation with the entrepreneurship coaching center Intotalo Oy, and the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.
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The next coaching starts spring 2016.


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